Tshwane/Pretoria City Historical Tour
Pretoria Voortrekker Monument and Union Buildings.
Pretoria forts of - Fort Klapperkop - Fort Schanskop.

Pretoria/Tshwane Historical Tours


Pretoria is situated within the municipality of Tshwane (formally the Pretoria metropolitan area) in the Gauteng province of South Africa, in a fertile valley, north of Johannesburg. Surrounded by the Magaliesberg hills 1367m above sea level (400m below Johannesburg). Tshwane one of the six biggest metropolitan cities in South Africa

Named after Andries Pretorius, Great Trek hero. Pretoria settlement marked end of Great Trek by the boer's.

Pretoria has a negative connotation to many black South Africans, as "the capital of apartheid South Africa"

Ekala's Pretoria and surrounding area day tours - 7 days a week.

Ekala's tours are done Private - each Pretoria tour uniquely designed for an individual experience. Tour structured around key sites and your time available.

We prefer to use our experience in Pretoria to create a suitable day tour, including the most significant items in the area and the best use of time. However if you have specific requirements or places you wish to visit, Ekala will create a tour around this.

The most important Pretoria sites (Voortrekker Monument, Union Buildings and Church Square) we would always endeavor to include in our Pretoria tours. However depends on time available and other items that have been specifically included, as the Cullinan Diamond mine. If the focus was the mine, perhaps we may only do a drive through Pretoria.

Ekala offers half day historical tours covering some of Pretoria’s significant sites, to a comprehensive Pretoria tour lasting 3 days.

Pretoria as a day tour, we would generally not go into Museums – unless specifically required.

Ekala Tours offer tours that would included both Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Collection and drop off O. R. Tambo airport or any other point - Johannesburg or Pretoria.

For multi day tours, best to stay at Ekala Guest Farm - we can generally discuss items covered on the tour over dinner. We can also generally cover more with collection and drop off at Ekala Guest Farm.

Pretoria known as the Jacaranda City

The Pretoria City of Today:

Pretoria has remained as one of the country's three capital cities:

1. Pretoria the executive (administrative)

2. Cape Town (legislative capital)

3. Bloemfontein (judicial capital).

See every day life in one of South Africa's Capitals - Pretoria.

The Pretoria City Tour and Pretoria/Tshwane surrounding attractions:

Each Pretoria tour can be uniquely designed for an individual experience. From a half day historical tour, to perhaps a full day covering the Cullinan Diamond mine to a comprehensive tour lasting up to 3 days.

Ekala's Pretoria tour can include as follows:

Freedom Park and memorial. Pretoria’s symbolic resting place for South Africa’s fallen countrymen and woman. It also serves as an inspiration to all the people of South Africa for the future.

The Union Buildings - site of important events related to freedom struggle. One being in 1956, when some 20 000 women, protesting against apartheid laws, marched to the Pretoria Union Buildings to hand over a memorandum.

Church Square Palace of Justice - served as venue for Treason Trial, in which Nelson Mandela and others were accused of treason against the state.

Voortrekker Monument

Kruger House Museum - Smuts House Museum - African Window - Coin World - Pretoria Synagogue

German built Pretoria forts of - Fort Klapperkop - Fort Schanskop - Fort Wonderboompoort - Fort Daspoortkop (only first 2 Pretoria forts can be visited).

Pretoria Museums - Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology - Melrose House - Museum of Geological Survey - National Cultural History Museum - Pioneer Open Air Museum - South African Air Force Museum - Sammy Marks Museum - Tswaing Crater Museum - Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum

Perfect tour options to include with the Pretoria Tour to create a full day tour:

Cullinan Diamond Mine Tour - De Wildt Cheetah Sanctuary - Johannesburg Tour - Lion Park


Ekala Tours - Personalised Pretoria tours to suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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