Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre/Sanctuary Tour.
DeWildt Hartbeespoort King Cheetah Tour.
African wild dog/African Painted dog breeding program.

Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre - DeWildt Sanctuary Tour

Ann van Dyk - Dewildt Cheetah Centre/Sanctuary.

Ekala Tours - daily Cheetah Sanctuary tours - 7 days a week. The Cheetah run is not always available.

Ekala Tours supplies daily tours to the Cheetah Sanctuary with collection and drop off at any point - Johannesburg - Pretoria - Pilanesberg game Park.

By visiting the cheetah centre you will gain an understanding of the powerful abilities of the cheetah, their habits, nature as well as their struggle for survival in the wild. View the king cheetah, with its characteristic striped back, one of the rarest animals on earth. Also on the tour you will encounter the African Painted Dog (African wild dog) - close up. The most endangered mammal in the world with no more than 3500 African Painted Dogs in all of Africa.

Struggle for survival in the wild

Most fearsome and effective hunter in the wild. Killing almost daily as a pack. The Wild Dog - "painted wolf" with colouring as unique as our finger prints. Tour will include - Cheetah - Rare King Cheetah African wild dog - Riverine Rabbit - Brown hyena - Duiker - Vultures - Suni Antelope This is a close up and educational adventure of wildlife preservation. Guests will encounter the endangered species at the Hartbeespoort centre at close quarters.

Sanctuary Breeding Program

Apart from the significant breeding achievements with the cheetah, several other programs have been highly successful at the Cheetah Sanctuary: The rare king cheetah: This was the first captive breed genetically identical cheetah with a special coat and pattern variation. African wild dog: successful breeding and natural habitat release of Southern Africa's most endangered carnivore - Wild Dog.

Unparalleled endangered breeding program anywhere in the world

The De Wildt Cheetah Centre has been at the forefront of breeding endangered species with significant numbers being reintroduced into their natural habitat. This level of captive breeding success and the numbers of wild releases is unparalleled in any kind of endangered breeding program anywhere in the world.

A captive breeding program for endangered species.

The Cheetah run is not always available, as such is not included in Ekala's price unless stated.

This is a guided tour in an open safari vehicle with experienced and qualified guides. Collection and drop off at your hotel is in an air conditioned vehicle.


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Ekala offer tours to the Cheetah Sanctuary and all other local sites in and around greater Johannesburg and Pretoria. Wildlife day tours over night safari tours including the Pilanesberg and Kruger National Game Parks.

Perfect tour options to include with the Cheetah Sanctuary to create full day and Multi day tour:

Kruger National Game Park - Pilanesberg National Game Park - Elephant Sanctuary - Lion Park

Aerial Cable way, Hartbeespoort: Spectacular panoramic views of Hartbeespoort dam, Magaliesberg and surrounding area from the aerial cable way and the view points and walkway on top. Hartbeespoort dam and the majestic Magaliesberg mountain range - scenic 56 kilometers of shoreline and Craft markets.

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