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Mine Tours:

Cullinan/Premier Historical Tour

Unique village of Cullinan, named after Thomas Cullinan, bears the distinction of being site of discovery of the world's largest diamond - Cullinan diamond.

The village with many fine buildings surviving from the early days of the mine in the early 1900's.

Mc Hardy House - The Herbert Baker Anglican Church - Recreation Centre - Masonic Hall - Early mine hostels and compounds

Italian Prisoner of War Camp and Murals painted by POWs during the Second World War, Prisoner of War cemetery and the Cullinan hospital.

Ekala Tours include transport (guided) to and from the Cullinan Diamond mine.

Ekala Tours do not conduct tours directly from the Cullinan mine only.

Ekala can include items of the mine, including surface, underground and historical tour. However ALL options include transport to and from diamond mine.

A unique tour of the Cullinan mine - an absolute must see!

Cullinan/Premier Mine Surface Tour

This tour covers the history of the mine, mining methods and the geological processes of that are responsible for the creation of diamonds. The tour demonstrates how diamonds are extracted from the ground; visit the big hole, mine shaft and the hoist room. Guests can view the polishing and delicate cutting operations done by master diamond cutters, which shape the diamonds into the jewelry you can buy around the world. You can also view replicas of the world famous diamonds found at Cullinan, Dinokeng.

Cullinan/Premier Mine Motorized Surface Tour

The surface area and workings of the mine covered in an open vehicle - The journey of the Cullinan diamond. Includes items not included on either the surface or underground tours, including the highest point on the Kimberlite dumps (waste material after diamonds have been recovered) and the slimes dam.

Cullinan/Premier Underground Mine Tours:

The adventurous tourists can take an underground tour of a working diamond mine, which involves changing into special safety gear and heading down in the cage more than 700 meters below the surface. The temperature on the underground tour is a comfortable 28C.

The Underground tour does included parts of the surface tour.

The Mine Today:

Today, the Cullinan/Premier Mine's open pit is four times the size of South Africa's famous Kimberly diamond hole. It remains a fully operational mine and produces 25% of the entire world's production of gem quality diamonds.

Daily Cullinan mine tours available - 7 days a week. Underground tour available Mondays to Saturday.

Ekala Tours include transport (guided) to and from the Cullinan Diamond mine. We do not conduct tours directly from the mine only.

Please supply full collection and drop off address to be able to quote accurately. We collect at any point - Johannesburg, Pretoria and also the game parks.

Mine History:

The mine was discovered in 1890 and established in 1902 as the premier diamond mine, South Africa. The Cullinan diamond pipe is the oldest diamond pipe in the world and in 1905 was only 9 meters from the surface. Volcanic pipe shaped in the form of a carrot, surface area of 42 hectares - approximately 40 soccer pitches. In January 1905 the world's largest rough gem, the Cullinan Diamond at 3,106.75 carats was discovered by the mine surface manager.

The diamond was named after the mine owner, Sir Thomas Cullinan. The diamond was cut into many stones including 2 very large diamonds, and given to King Edward VII in 1907 on his 66th birthday and forms part of the British crown jewels. The diamond was posted to England in normal package post. Over 250 diamonds of over 100 carats have been found in the Cullinan mine including a 101.27 carats diamond, sold for $6.2 million. Diamonds of a total of more than 120 million carats have been mined since this mine was opened.

Cullinan Mine is the only site in the world where blue diamonds have been found. In 2003 the mine was renamed the Cullinan Diamond mine and in 2007 it was sold by De Beers (the world's biggest diamond producer) to Petra Diamonds.

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